Online Bingo Gambling – The Types of Online Bingo Bonuses that You Must Know

Due to the different number of online bingo sites now available for players to choose from there are many offers to attract new players. Each bingo is competing with others for your business and they are trying to ensure that their offer seems the most appealing to new players. Before you choose which bingo to sign up with check out some reviews and be sure you understand the terms and conditions of the bonuses being offered.

Some things you need to consider when deciding where to start your gambling and which bonus to accept are the types of bonus and whether or not the house will keep the bonus they offer when you cash out any winnings, or whether you get to keep it in the end.

Typical bonus offers you will find include no deposit, sign-up, loyalty, cash-back, and referral bonuses. These types work in different ways and some will be more likely to be an amount that you keep than others. No deposit and sign-up amounts are usually used to entice you in to joining particular site and generally come with restrictions on how much you need to wager, on which games, before you can withdraw any winnings. Loyalty amounts are often used to retain players by giving them an amount of money for gambling with after they have been playing with a bingo for a length of time, or have wagered a certain amount.

You may see that some new bingo sites UK will give you back a certain percentage of an amount you have lost through playing on their site in the form of cash-back. You may see this as a good or a bad thing really, because although if you do lose money it is handy to get some back it may also indicate you have been particularly unlucky and this is a hint that you should just stop playing!

Referral bonuses are paid on the basis of a successful referral of a friend, and often both the new player and the person making the referral are given a bonus, as long as the specific referral system has been used.

If you’re tempted to try online gambling you have probably already had a look around to see which site you might like to visit and you have no doubt noticed that many sites offer all kinds of incentives to encourage you to sign up.  There are several kinds of bonus available for players signing up to bingo websites including:

Sign-Up: an amount given to a new player just for signing up to a particular site.  There may or may not be a deposit required for a sign-up bonus, as some sites offer an amount purely for joining, whereas others require you to make a deposit before they add any bonus to your account.  You will need to be aware though that many sites attach terms and conditions to any bonus so you may not be able to withdraw any winnings until you have met very specific betting requirements.

Match Bonuses: An amount added to a player’s fund for making a deposit at a site.  The amount of incentive depends on the particular site and can vary from 100% of the amount deposited to just about any amount, although typically around 200%.  Again there are conditions attached to the way the bonus can be used and how any winnings can be withdrawn so check these before accepting a credit from a bingo site.

Games Bonus: an incentive to try a particular game on a site, perhaps a new game that is being introduced and the bingo wants to get existing members to give it a try.

Referral Bonus: this is an amount given to existing customers who have recommended a friend who has subsequently signed up with the bingo.  Usually the new member will also receive a bonus, so this is great if you have family and friends that also like to play online games.

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